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RE: Finding Mr. Right

From: Lindsey Stuart







Dear Ladies,

There are over 6.5 billion people on the planet, yet each and every one of us have a hard time finding 'the one.'

Think about it: how often have you sat alone on a Saturday night, or missed a big event because you didn't have a date?

Many people turn to online dating, but many of these 'matches' are anything but.

You spend hours looking for someone who is interesting, but they don't have a decent profile.

So you look for men with good profiles, only to find no pictures.

So, finally, you decide to email one or two, even though they don't meet your exact desires.

And what do you get?

You end up with some creeper who doesn't know when to stop staring, or who calls you all the time, or who has massively bad body odor.

It's enough to drive a girl MAD!

So then you just go to the bar, or coffeeshop, only to be ignored by men left and right.

They're off looking at other women - and some of them aren't even all that pretty, funny, or smart!


These girls don't have some special fragrance that drives men to their needs.

They're not outstanding supermodel beauties.

They're not super-successful entrepreneurs on Forbes.

No... they're normal girls like you and me. So what is their secret?


image1Imagine walking into a bar or a coffee shop and having multiple men ask to buy you a drink... then choosing one and spending an incredible evening together.

And then, the same man calls you the next day asking for another date, because he just can't get enough of you.

And imagine this happening every time you go into the bar or the coffee shop.

Men stopping, and wondering who the new woman is.

Walking up to you to have a conversation.

Imagine no longer sitting by yourself at tables, but attracting handsome and available men with each turn!

Imagine having the moxy to go up to a group of guys and not only introduce yourself, but have a fun and totally spontaneous conversation with the men you want to talk with!

And then, think even further ahead - imagine that same guy totally fixated on your every word.

Wanting nothing more than to spend days on end, wanting nothing more than to do what you want, when you want it because you're everything they've ever dreamed of.

You can be that woman... I know, because I was once in your shoes.


For years, I had no more than three dates a year.

I wished and hoped and prayed for The Man to come into my life, for The Man to come and sweep me off my feet, for The Man to want me for everything I was, am, and could be.

But he never surfaced.

So I waited...

And, I mean, sure, I had some dates. But they certainly weren't good dates.

And they certainly weren't good men, for that matter.

After awhile, I was sick of it.

I didn't want to live this life anymore.

I wanted men to want me, to desire me, and to pursue me.

But how?

So, I went to my girlfriends for advice.

And, no, not your average run-of-the-mill girlfriends - I asked the most popular of my girlfriends.

And, their most popular friends.

And those girl's most popular friends too, for good measure.

And, you know what I found out?

Most guys don't want a drop dead gorgeous woman

Guys just want an approachable, smart, beautiful woman who knows what she wants and can convey it to any man.

That doesn't sound so hard, does it?

What I learned through all my research is that I can have any man I want by using the following three step process:

Find a Man
Attract a Man
Keep Him Forever



Woman Men Pursue - Just $27

You no longer have to sit around waiting for a man to find you.

WithWoman Men Pursue, you'll get insider tips and tricks to find, date, and marry the man of your dreams.

You don't have to be the world's most beautiful woman to attract a man - you just have to know what it is that he wants.

And, once you know what he wants, you can keep him coming back for more!

Stop waiting for a man to fall in your lap!







Instead, learn PROVEN techniques to attract, date, and marry your perfect man:

astHow to Be Irresistable to Men - and the steps you can take to make sure he notices you when you want, where you want, and how you want!


astHow to Hypnotize a Man - and how to keep him interested and impressed with everything about you

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astHow to Seduce a Man -And how to make him pursue you and stay with you forever!

astAnd so much more...!

People have spent years and thousands of dollars trying to get the information in this book - but nothing has come even close!

You don't have to wait one minute longer to start working on your game so you can find the perfect man, perfect date, or perfect husband!

Within just a few minutes, and with just a little bit of practice, you can become the woman that men pursue!

Men aren't a big mystery - they want just a few simple things from a woman. They want a sexy, smart, sophisticated woman who can fulfil their every desire.

But us women tend to overcomplicate and overthink things, making it difficult to attract the right kind of man.

Being the Woman Men Puruse will give you the tools to ensure that you get what you want from relationships - whether they're one-night stands or long-standing, committed relationships.

Woman Men Pursue will give you the tools to not only snag a man, but also:

astWhat 10 Qualities Men find IRRESISTABLE! ... and what makes those qualities irresistable!

astThe 5 That Keep Men Coming Back For More and More! ... and what they're looking for from EVERY woman

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astAnd much more...

YES! I Want to be the Woman Men Pursue For Just $27!


With Women Men Pursue, you'll become the woman every man wants to have, and the one every woman wants to be. This PROVEN system of finding, attracting, and snagging a man for good is repeating NO WHERE ElSE.

You'll get real-word tricks that will not only get you what you're looking for right now, but every time you're looking for a new man!

Included in Women Men Pursue you'll learn:

How Your Independence Will Win Him Over - and what you can do that's so daring it's sure to drive him wild!
How To Show Him How Much Fun You Are - and proven techniques to remain unpredictable in his eyes!
How to Use Your Natural Glamour To Woo Him - learn what little highlights make a HUGE difference in his eyes
How to Use Your Personality to Engage Him - and learn what he is and isn't looking for in ANY mate
How Your Sense Of Humor Will Win Him Over - and why being clever is sometimes the most important quality of all
How Your True Self Will Win Him Over - without trying to recreate your entire personality
How To Share With Your Man - and how expressing your feelings will keep him coming back again and again
How to Be Mysterious - without looking like a psychopath or being aloof
How to be the Center of His Universe - and how to ensure that he's constantly entertained with you
How to Balance Yourself - so you don't seem domineering or overenthusiastic
How Patience Works for You - and how to ensure that you both remain patient in good times and rougher times
How to Nurture Him - and keep it so both you and him are always pleased!
How Powerful Your Smile Really Is - and how to make sure that he's always smiling
How to Satisfy Him Sexually - without compromising yourself
And so much more!

YES! I Want to be the Woman Men Pursue For Just $27!


I believe in this system - because I've used it for the better part of three years - and I know you WILL get a man quickly and easily.

I know men will fawn over you, like they do for me, and hang off your every word.

I know you'll have the moxy you always wish you had to make men putty in your hands.

And, because of this, I want to give you a no-holds-barred no-questions-asked sixty-day full-refund guarantee!


If, for any reason you're not totally one-hundred percent satisfied with Women Men Pursue, just let me know about it. I'll happily refund your money, no questions asked.

No hoops to jump through, no endless customer service agents. Just a one hundred percent refund.

That's how much I believe in this, as you will too.


You can't live for one minute longer without this book.

If you're ready to stop sitting alone at night, and want to find your dream man today, then you needWoman Men Pursue!

This is truely the only resource you need to stop being lonely and start finding love!

YES! I Want to be the Woman Men Pursue For Just $27!


Best of success,


Lindsey Stuart

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Yes, Lindsey! I want...

to make men go WILD in my presence. I want to walk into a room and have all eyes on me... I want the men to look at me and think that I may be the one.

I want the women in the room to want to be me. And, most of all, I want to be a woman in a happy relationship.

I'm ready to start becoming a Woman Men Pursue, and I'm ready to become everything I've wanted to be.

I'm ready to be in a relationship, and ready to meet every single one of my man's needs. And I know the only way to do this is first by readingWoman Men Pursue!

YES! I Want to be the Woman Men Pursue For Just $27!

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